HERAUTS is a yearly, national conference organised by GBU Belgium for christian students at university or in their last year of secondary school. The aim of this conference is to motivate and equip students in their mission for Jesus.

GBU Belgium brings together students from different backgrounds who have one thing in common: they are passionate about living for Jesus and telling others about him.  A movement for students, by students, we seek to give each student in french-speaking Belgium the opportunity to hear and respond to the good news of Jesus.  Supported by staff and promoted by local churches, we work together in order to make disciples of the next generation.  For more information about GBU, click here (in French).

The goal of HERAUTS is to motivate, inspire and encourage International and French-speaking christian students from Belgium and elsewhere, with faithful and pertinent teaching from the Bible, so that they would be more rooted in the gospel, committed to walk closely with God, and resolved in their mission to spread the gospel and make disciples.




mains sessions


Together, we will be listening to the message of Jonah. This is a little book about a “little” faraway prophet, of which many elements are well known (fleeing God’s call, a big fish, the wicked city of Nineveh,…), but which require that we reread them in their context in order to grasp their full significance. If there is one book that truly explains what God’s grace is like, and how it can transform our hearts, it’s the book of Jonah.

However, be careful! Although small, there is nothing trivial or boring about this book. On the contrary, it is highly provocative and challenging! Depicting Jonah at his “best”, this book reveals our hardness of heart. Before coming to Hérauts 2019, why not take time to read this little book, and ask yourself the following question: what is Jonah resisting?



Sometimes people think of Christians as from another planet, often with good reason. When we speak about Jesus, we do so in outdated language, with no connection to the modern world. However, it is crucial to communicate the gospel in such a way that they can understand it and therefore believe in Jesus in order to be saved! This seminar will help you to communicate the gospel in a clear, simple and pertinent way.


Social media presents us with amazing opportunities for spreading the gospel, but there are also many pitfalls. How can we make the most of it and be a good witness for Christ?


Many of you will soon be graduating and heading off to different workplaces. How can I best prepare myself for this new chapter of my life? What should my attitude be towards my future job, or towards my colleagues who don’t know Jesus? How shall I share my faith at work? This seminar aims to equip you to hold firmly on to Christ and to challenge you to seize opportunities that God will provide, in order to help you share the good news of Jesus at work.



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Etienne koning

Etienne grew up in a Christian family where, over time, he came to know the God of the Bible particularly through seeing his parents live out a personal relationship with God. Through them he learnt to read the Bible and understand its central message, the gospel - the offer of forgiveness and of a perfect life that God gives to everyone who trusts in the person and work of Jesus Christ, His Son.

Through various commitments as well as being struck by different role models in the faith, Etienne is now in pastoral ministry with his wife Laurence and his three children. After studying at the Faculty of Vaux-sur-Seine, and after a significant one-year internship in a church in London, Etienne has been a pastor for 12 years and is now leading a church plant in the centre of Paris, Saint-Lazare Church.

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Alexandre manlow

Married to Sara, and farther of two children, Alex has been the director of GBU Belgium for 3 years, after serving as an assistant pastor in churches in Brussels and in Paris. He is passionate about giving the opportunity to as many students as possible to hear and respond to the gospel in order to be reconciled to God forever. He is also dedicated to support and equip Christian students in order to see them become disciple-makers who are faithful to Jesus during their time at university and for the rest of their lives. In his spare time, Alex likes watching films, going out coffee- and cake-tasting in new coffee shops, having good times around the table with family and friends, and playing tennis.

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Tom trump

Tom is the husband of Liz and the dad of Lucas. He is currently training at the Belgian Bible Institute in order to become a full-time minister of the Word, having previously worked in finance for 10 years. His passion is for the Word of God to be spread, read, explained, well understood and lived out everywhere so that many would come to Christ and become mature in Him. He is involved in a church plant called Emmanuel Etterbeek, and he is the director of one of the InterAction camps. When he isn’t training for ministry, Tom likes to spend time with family and friends, and he is a huge fan of the Premier League.

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Andy geers

Andy lives in London with his wife Elise and 3 young children. He has worked as a software developer for the past 14 years and now runs the PrayerMate app. He also helps run a community of Christians in the world of technology called Kingdom Code.

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Jeroen and Hennie come from the Netherlands and have been married for 10 years.  They were involved in
IFES-Netherlands as students and they have a heart for ministry amongst students.  Nowadays, they are committed to their local church which is a new church plant, whilst working in the secular world: Jeroen is a secondary school teacher, and Hennie is a researcher at the ULB, in Brussels.  Jeroen first trained as a chef, and worked in the industry for 6 years.  In their free time, Hennie and Jeroen both like cycling, walking and seeing friends or having them over.  It is with great joy that they will prepare gourmet sandwiches for those who will have ordered one. 


don't forget...

Don't forget to bring a Bible and some money to buy great Christian books that will be on sale for 30-50% of their RRP price!  All books have been carefully chosen and very kindly subsidised by various publishers and donors.  Make the most of this unique opportunity to buy some at student-friendly prices!



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