HÉRAUTS is a yearly, national conference organised by GBU Belgium for christian students at university or in their last year of secondary school. The aim of this conference is to motivate and equip students in their mission for Jesus.

GBU Belgium brings together students from different backgrounds who have one thing in common: they are passionate about living for Jesus and telling others about him.  A movement for students, by students, we seek to give each student in french-speaking Belgium the opportunity to hear and respond to the good news of Jesus.  Supported by staff and promoted by local churches, we work together in order to make disciples of the next generation.  For more information about GBU, click here (in French).

The goal of HÉRAUTS is to motivate, inspire and encourage International and French-speaking christian students from Belgium and elsewhere, with faithful and pertinent teaching from the Bible, so that they would be more rooted in the gospel, committed to walk closely with God, and resolved in their mission to spread the gospel and make disciples.

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philip moore

How to summarise a life in just a few lines?  Created in the image of God, sinner, forgiven, restored to true humanity in Jesus Christ, blessed in him with all spiritual blessings and others as well!  Son of wonderful parents, husband of Rachel, father of Julia, Anna, Abigail, Théo and Zoë.  Future grandfather (well, I hope so one day), pastor and church planter, trainer of church planters, director of Acts 29 Europe, lover of music (classical, jazz, trombone, piano), of books (novels, poetry, current politics, theology), of sport (cycling and running), of board games (cards, chess, Mahjong) and of travelling (everywhere).  I'm looking forward to getting to know you, too!


john & daphne ross

John and Daphne met in the Christian Union as students. There they developed a love for student ministry. John worked with UCCF (British equivalent of GBU), and then pastored two churches. John and Daphne love talking to people about the Lord Jesus Christ, especially those who are not yet believers. It has been a feature of their ministry that they have focussed on evangelism and leading people to Christ. They have done this through 1-1 bible study and also investigative courses.

Their two adult children Andy and Lizi are keen Christians serving Christ in their churches and leading group Bible studies.

John and Daphne both love reading and going out for good meals!



Jeroen and Hennie come from the Netherlands and have been married for 10 years.  They were involved in
IFES-Netherlands as students and they have a heart for ministry amongst students.  Nowadays, they are committed to their local church which is a new church plant, whilst working in the secular world: Jeroen is a secondary school teacher, and Hennie is a researcher at the ULB, in Brussels.  Jeroen first trained as a chef, and worked in the industry for 6 years.  In their free time, Hennie and Jeroen both like cycling, walking and seeing friends or having them over.  It is with great joy that they will prepare gourmet sandwiches for those who will have ordered one. 


kerYgma (music)

Kerygma is a music group from Paris made up of musicians from different backgrounds and generations. The members are Martin Bartlett (bass), Ted Wallace (drums), Jeanine Bolduc (keyboard and voice), David Merklé (electric guitar), Nicola Tomasi (guitar and voice), and Elise Ha (voice). Each member is involved in the music in their local church. Over the years, Martin has developed considerable musical worship experience as he's toured with missionaries which he has also passed on to his five children. David played in the band 2nd Man with one of Martin's sons, before joining Kerygma. Elise is a great composer and singer.  She has been leading the music in the same church as David, and she shares the gospel of Christ in various bands. Jeanine has 20 years of experience of musical worship and now co-leads the music worship in her church. Nicolas has led the music worship in many different church over the last 10 years, including his current local church. Ted is from the USA and works in Europe with OM. Each member works in the secular world (except for Ted, who is a missionary). However, this only increases their commitment to spreading the good news of Jesus through music and enables them to give their services freely to partner with churches and other Christian organisations, such as GBU, for God's glory alone. 


don't forget...

Don't forget to bring a Bible and some money to buy great Christian books that will be on sale for 30-50% of their RRP price !  All books have been carefully chosen and very kindly subsidised by various publishers and donors.  Make the most of this unique opportunity to buy some at student-friendly prices!



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